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Please see my BGT finals’ performance to have a feel on what’s it all about.

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Living with an off-leash dog / Free-Range Dog

Choice training, and if you do not know we promote this method in all our training sessions, activities and free…

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Whatever your dog is to start with, it can become JUST RIGHT!

Is your dog an Alpha,  Beta, Gamma, Early Warner, Tester, Diffuser, Body Slammer, Bully,  Dominant, Fearful, Territorial, Possessive,  Subordinate, “Stress pot”, Sexual Predator,…

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About us

Good Boy Dog School is a registered Dog Training School, promoting the idea of responsible dog ownership, providing behavioural help and advice to people and families with dogs, giving some dogs a good start in life, and trying to improve the lives of dogs with behavioural problems.

Dima and dogs

Run by Dima Yeremenko, MSc, Russian Dog Training instructor and behaviourist, often called a Dog Whisperer, our school offers the whole range of services including one-to-one dog training and advice sessions, group dog training classes, home visits, residential training courses, taking care of your dog/s and minding services etc. With the use of our individual training methods and techniques forming dog’s positive attitude, we are able to provide solution to most of your dog’s needs and to resolve most of its problems in natural and most stimulating environment. Big part of our new recruits are those “difficult” dogs that have not been fortunate enough to establish stress-free, safe and enjoyable relationship with either owners or other people or animals. By providing both theoretical and practical help and assistance, we are improving lives of people’s dogs starting as young as 8 weeks old to the age of some of our veteran – trainees at their 17 years of age. Old dogs do learn new tricks! But the most important for us – you do too.

This site is not updates on a regular basis, so for more info on us and live feed please follow us via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Dimadogs

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